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Stock Trade

Basic Option Chain analysis 



Course Highlights

  • 6 hours of Session

  • 2 Hrs each day

  • All session via Zoom


  • Basic understanding of option chain.

  • Makes familiar with all jargons of option and its meaning.

  • To make confident to find the direction of an index or stocks.

  • Right time entry and exit based on OI data.


  • Course contain technical analysis .

  • Basic Option chain reading.

  • Understanding OI data movement.

  • Entry Exit points based on data.

  • Pre-market analysis basis on option chain.

  • OI based trading strategy.

Key Points

This course is perfectly designed for beginner of option trading to gain knowledge on various type of data reading and techniques to understand the market movement whether it is an Index option or stock option.Student will learn everything about option chain from scratch all types of jargons and its meaning to understand the option chain and its behavior. This course will give confidence in understanding the market and will be able to co-relate index up and down moves along with data movement which enhance skill of data reading and trading based on data. Student will also learn entry or exit point as per the data moves with risk reward management strategies.

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