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Stock Market

Basics of Stock Market

 ₹ 2,499/-


Course Highlights

  • 4 Hours of Session.

  • 2 Hrs each day

  • All session via Zoom


  • Course offers students basic frame work of market and gives skill to analyze the company asses the risk of a stock investment and trade. Also explains proper entry and exit technologies.


  • Course contains Technical analysis.

  • Basic Data analysis.

  • Understanding IPO.

  • Basic of Fundamental analysis.

Key Points

This course is perfectly designed for beginners in the financial market to create a powerful knowledge on various tools to understand the functionality of stock market.

Beginners need to understand the basic language of stock market like some jargons frequently used in the market to define or explain hence all will covered here.

This course will give full insight of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and data analysis to catch right time investment opportunity and exit plan.

Financial planning is most important thing to achieve our desired goal this course will help you to park your saving in the right instrument to get better returns.

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