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अपनी मूल्य निर्धारण योजना चुनें

  • SLTP Batch 18

    6 महीनों के लिए मान्य
    • SLTP Gold Pro

      Premium Content for Option trading | Option data Analysis
      • Free GeniSetup access for one Month
      • Periodically FAQ session access for new participants
      • Prime Telegram access for Live market assitance
    • SLTP NOV Batch

      Access to Recent video session
      • GeniUsersFreeOffer

        एक महीने के लिए वैध
        • Premium Membership

          Introducing our Premium Membership for trading assistance.
          एक वर्ष के लिए मान्य
          • Personalized Trading Guidance
          • Personalized Trading Guidance
          • Real-time Market Analysis
          • Trading Signals and Alerts
          • Exclusive Educational Resources
          • Dedicated Customer Support
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