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TradeJini Demat,Trading and Brokerage Review

Why choose TradeJini



  • To never incur hidden costs or risks on their clients. •    

  • To constantly innovate by incorporating the best of technology available in the world. 

  • Ensure interactions between their professionals and their clients, are conducted honestly and openly. 




  • The only discount broker in India that offers an all in one trading account, i.e. trade equity with the same account and commodity.

  • TradeJini has membered with all major exchanges•    

  • Depository participant with CDSL

  • Offers multiple trading instruments

  • Responsive, versatile and super secure trading platforms on Desktop, Mobile and Web browser. 

  • Polite and responsive customer support

  • Organized and informative Back office to monitor your investments, reports and more.

  • Regularly updated knowledge base with highly engaging content to keep traders educated and informed.


About TradeJini


TradeJini is a technology-driven discount broker that first set foot in the finance industry in 2012. The company was envisioned by 2 entrepreneurs bagging a combined experience of over 60 years in stock broking and investing. What initially began as a 6 member team has now evolved to a recognized brand backed by over 60 professionals, spanning its services to over 900 cities in India and abroad and transacting over 2800 crores per day. All of this achieved in a mere span of 6 years. 

Platforms offered 

Nest Trader -Desktop Platform

  • Intuitive front-end solution that has the support of robust backend servers. •    

  • Supports Multi-Exchange and Multiple Segment Trading.

  • Gives customers real-time access to scrip quotes that is quick and efficient.

  • Highly secured with two-step authentication.


TradeJini Mobile -Mobile Platform


  • Mobile App provides all the features of a full-fledged online trading platform,                               fully incorporated on your smartphone.     

  • Allows monitoring and trading the markets from anywhere and everywhere.

  • Uses less data to provide lightning fast streaming quotes and charts, works like a charm

  • even at low internet speeds.Available for android and iOS devices.






TradeJini’s charges for trading across various financial instruments are as follows

Advance orders

TradeJini also offers special orders to make trading hassle-free and efficient. Traders can now incorporate the following order types as part of their trading


TradeJini Provides Leveraged margin on all Intraday (MIS) Trades for Cash and Derivatives positions. It ranges between 10X to 30X of Contract value for Equity cash and 2X to 5X of the Exchange specified Margins for Derivatives. Instrument-wise leverage offered by TradeJini is as follows

  • Equity Cash position - Leverage offered on 200+ companies.

  • Equity Derivatives - Leverage offered on all scripts which have derivatives on them.

  • Currency Derivatives - Leverage offered on all currencies traded on NSE.

  • Commodity Derivatives - Leverage offered on all commodities.


Tools and services


  1. Margin Calculator 


The TradeJini F&O Margin Calculator let's you calculate comprehensive exchange margin requirements for option writing/shorting, Pair trades or for multi-leg F&O strategies while trading equity, F&O, commodity and currency before taking a trade. It helps the trader in visualizing the margins required and benefits of entering the strategy.

  2. Options Calculator 


TradeJini offers the Black-Scholes Options calculator helps you to calculate the Option Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho). It also calculates the theoretical value of an option’s premium. Option Calculator lets you to incorporate greeks into your strategy / design and helps you to determine the risk and reward potential.


  3. Brokerage Calculator 


TradeJini offers a Brokerage structure and Brokerage Calculator that is extremely transparent and detailed. The online brokerage calculator gives you a segregated view on Brokerage, STT, Transaction Charges, Government Charges & SEBI Charges. Additionally, It also gets you break-even points before planning your trades.


  4. Referral Program -


TradeJini has an active and rewarding Referral Program – wherein the client who refers a client will get 10% of the brokerage paid by the referred client on perpetual basis without any action from the referring client end. Also it has no liability or obligation attached to it. It is like a perpetual annuity for traders as they can convert their acquaintances, friends and family members to become TradeJini clients and build a steady income stream for himself.


  5. TradeJini Knowledge Base


Jinivoice and Jiniversity on the TradeJini website are regularly updated with high quality content in the form of articles, infographics, videos, and How-tos. The material found here can definitely add depth to one’s trading skills and keep them well informed and educated.


  6. Customer Support


TradeJini is backed by able and responsible customer support executives that are on their feet resolving client queries and concerns. They possess the lowest turn-around time-solving client queries and are prompt with their response. Their support currently extends via call and e-mail.


Phone Support - +91-80-40204020

Email Support -

Open an Account with TradeJini and save 90% of your brokerage.
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TradeJini vs Zerodha

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